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Daisy Knights bespoke ring

Well, you're here to know more about why I have decided to close my jewellery business? Awesome.  So, my brand took off so quickly as fresh out of Central Saint Martins I got a big order from Net-a-Porter so Daisy Knights was born. Luckily, I had just come back from an internship with the amazing Melissa Joy Manning who taught me the business side of the industry. She has the mo[...]


Daisy Knights x The james hotel

As this blog is so new (as in BRAND new!) I thought I would share some photos from my favourite places and experiences through my Daisy Knights Jewellery career. This is me in New York. I got asked to collaborate with The James Hotel group, and I got flown out to New York to stay in their hotel. It was bananas, the hotel was way nicer that our honeymoon hotel and was a truly wonderful expe[...]


Daisy knights x lacoste

Daisy Knights Nail Stickers

There are some points in my career that have be a real pinch-me moment. Getting a call from Lacoste to ask me to design some nails sticker for them was DEFINITELY one. The best thing about it? They wanted to collaborate with me, not just do their own nail stickers! Very cool. So, why nail stickers?! Basically, to cut a long story short...When I was showing at London Fashion Week in 2[...]


Daisy Knights x Sew Yeah!

Daisy Knights X Sew Yeah

When you have super talented craft friends it is only a matter of time before you come up with some crazy craft idea and make it happen! Christine Leech from Sew Yeah! is crafter extraordinaire and former Creative Director of Marie- Claire Magazine. We bonded over a love of pompoms and making things, skip forward a few years and our collection of hats and jewellery was born. Wool and si[...]


Keeping the ideas coming

Austin, Tx
Group-Daisy Knights lace dimes

One of my favourite things about my 10 year jewellery design back-gound was coming up with new concepts for collections or marketing idea (even if they did often get nicked by high-street stores!) Lace Dimes is one of my coolest concepts that I am super proud of. So, in a bid to get some content on this new blog I thought I would share a bit about them We showcase[...]

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